What is USCity?

USCity is the internet's oldest local business directory dating back quite some time ago. We offer the potential to create an appearance for your business on the internet by providing a clean, modern look to present your business's vital information to the appropriate audience.

How's it help me?

When USCity was created it had a goal to give the customer what they are looking for, up front, clearly, and easily... You as a business owner will have your information blasted in-front of millions of people looking for things that could potentially be your business. Get the picture?

How do I sign-up?

Signing up is a really straight-forward process that involves first creating an account to manage your locations, then actually creating your account. If you already have an account simply click the "I already have an account." button below.

What do I need?

To sign-up we ask that you go through a process we call identitiy verification. This is to prevent fraud and someone claiming a location that they do not really own. This is for our protection AND yours as a business owner. There are two ways to go through this process, paying a one-time $19.99 One time fee.